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Test accounts

Pre-production test accounts

Test accounts can be created in Digidentity's pre-production environment as soon as a mutual NDA has been signed between the VM and Digidentity.

To achieve this, testers will first need to receive invitations from Digidentity's pre-production CAB. Our Customer Success department will contact you to organise these and assist your team with the registration process.

Device requirements

As part of creating your test account in our pre-production environment, our team will ask you to install Digidentity’s demo app on your mobile device. This is a pre-production version of our app that is not available on either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

For this reason, your company’s hardware management policy must allow you to install test apps on your device. For Android, this will mean enabling installs from ‘Unknown Sources’ via Firebase App Tester, and for iOS, this will mean enabling installs via Testflight.

Additionally, your device must meet the following requirements:

  • Android: Runs on Android version 9 or higher, and has access to Google Play Services
  • iOS: Runs on iOS version 14 or higher

Production test accounts

Upon moving to production, our Implementation team will provide VMs with a limited number of production test accounts to ensure their production services are ready for launch.