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This page contains information for CABs onboarding employees via the CAB API. For general support, please see our SERMI FAQ page.

API specification

CABs can find our full CAB API specification at

CAB Onboarding

CAB onboarding can begin in Digidentity's pre-production environment as soon as a mutual NDA has been signed between the CAB and Digidentity. Once this is complete, an internal request will be made to our Implementation team to provide the following details:

  • OAuth client credentials (client_id, client_secret, API key, and scope)
  • A CABUID for the pre-production environment

These will be sent securely via email to the CAB's elected technical contact.

API procedure

Below is a short summary of the CAB API onboarding procedure:

  1. User provides personal details and identity document to the SERMI CAB for verification
  2. SERMI CAB generates the user's UID attributes
  3. SERMI CAB provides the user's UID attributes to the Trust Centre via the CAB API
  4. Digidentity provides a QR code in response for certificate creation
  5. SERMI CAB sends the provided QR code to the user
  6. User scans the QR code to create their certificate in the Digidentity app