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On this page, you can find a list of commonly-used acronyms and terms within the SERMI scheme and Digidentity platform.


  • ACEA: European Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • AFCAR: Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair
  • CAB: Conformity Assessment Body
  • CABUID: Conformity Assessment Body Unique Identifier
  • DPA: Data Protection Act
  • EA: European co-operation for Accreditation
  • EC: European Community
  • SERMI: Forum for Access to Security-Related Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information
  • IO: Independent Operator
  • IOE: Independent Operator Employee
  • IOEUID: Independent Operator Employee Unique Identifier
  • IOUID: Independent Operator Unique Identifier
  • MVP: Minimimum Viable Product
  • NAB: National Accreditation Body
  • OIDC: OpenID Connect
  • PIN: Personal Identification Number
  • RMI: Repair and Maintenance Information
  • RSS: Remote Service Supplier
  • RSSE: Remote Service Supplier Employee
  • TC: Trust Center (Digidentity)
  • UAT: User acceptance test
  • UID: Unique Identifier
  • VM: Vehicle Manufacturer

Other terms

  • CAB API: API endpoints available to accredited SERMI CABs to create, authorise, and revoke the IO, RSS, IOE and RSSE
  • Chain authorisation: A one-time authorisation granted by an IOE to an RSSE so the RSSE may log in on the IOE's behalf (see also: Authorisations)
  • OIDC flow: The OpenID Connect 'authorisation code' flow used in the VM integration to the SERMI trust centre
  • Users: Individuals who may be authorised by the CAB to log in at the VM's RMI Portal (IOEs and RSSEs)